5 Reasons You Should Get a Professional to Repair Your Roof

Forget DIY roof repair is no simple task for the regular handy man. We know the idea of fixing your own roof is tempting, but there are good reasons why this isnt a recommended do-it-yourself job.

1. Its Easy to Fall Off

Snicker all you want, but its true: repairing a roof requires balance and agility that years of experience perfects. One small misstep is all it takes to send you careening over the edge in a second. If you do live on a one-story ranch with a roof slope of less than 20 degrees, you are less likely to fall, but there are still four more reasons you should call a professional.

2. Its Back-Breaking Work

Fixing the roof is a time-consuming and hard job. You might not be a stranger to fixing things around the house, but the roof is tough. Allowing a professional to do the job will save you a lot of time and might just save your back as well. Those who arent used to a job where you bend all day might throw out their back.

3. It Might be Covered

It is likely that after a storm, your insurance will cover the professional roof repairs. A great company can even help you file your claim with insurers to help the process go smoothly.

4. You Might Miss Something

A slow leak into your attic could mean rotted framing or mold in your home. While your repair might keep out much of the water that would otherwise seep in, you are still likely to forget something. As a professional roofer serving the Monterey and Los Gatos areas, the workmen we send to you will have training and experience that prevents minor mistakeslike missing a spotfrom happening.

5. You Wont Get a Warranty

Botched your roofing job? DIY homeowners cant offer a warranty for their own handiwork, so they are left on their own with whatever problems they have. It is very common for errors to be made when the homeowner has no real roofing experience. A professional roofer in Los Gatos and Monterey will guarantee the workmanship and the materials used, protecting you against unsatisfactory results.

You won't be sorry you made the choice to hire the roofing repair job out. If you need professional CA roofers who provide excellent work at reasonable costs, give us a call today!

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