What Every Monterrey Homeowner Should Know about Roof Maintenance

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home, as it protects the home and all its contents from rain, cold and heat. Before buying a house, it is important to make sure the appraiser checks the roof to ensure that there are no signs of structural damage. It is also important to ensure the roof is built using high quality materials.

At the same time, even a well-built roof will need regular maintenance. The shingles should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that none are broken. The drainage and gutters should also be checked regularly to ensure that there are no blockages. Tree branches that are covering large portions of the roof should be cut back, as damp, shady areas of the roof may grow moss or mold.

Naturally, checking a roof regularly and fixing any structural problems that may be found is not easy. That is why many Monterey homeowners opt to hire a roofer company to handle this task. A good roofing company can come on a regular basis, assess the roof, repair minor damage before it become more serious and give good advice as to how to maintain a roof to ensure its longevity.

Introducing Knox Roofing

While there are numerous roofing companies in and around Monterey, Knox Roofing stands out for several reasons. To start with, Knox Roofing is a full service company that is able to handle all maintenance and repair work that may arise. Instead of hiring a number of companies to maintain and repair a roof, a homeowner need only hire a single company to do all the necessary work.

Knox Roofing has also gotten high marks for providing a high level of customer service. Despite the fact the company deals with numerous customers on a daily basis, each customer is treated with a personal touch. Our workmen are not only skilled and experienced, but will also take their time to answer your questions, go over your options and make sure that your roof is left in tip top condition. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, ensuring that the job is done right the first time, and that no debris is left either on the roof or in the yard.
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